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Begin your quest for some good clean fun in one of the best places not on earth.

About me;

I started surfing when I was 14 years old back in 1972.  Surfing has had many influences since then but the basics never change.  If you love nature and enjoy the feeling of saltwater then you are a good candidate for this way of life.  Surfing has been a major influence on my life, shaping me in similar ways that a good shaper crafts a new blank.  Each day is as different as the waves we ride so you're always learning and adapting.  I have surfed competitively briefly in my youth but find my true joy is in free-surfing without any confines.  I finally have a home across the street from the beach in Ponce Inlet, so getting in the water is much more convenient.  Surfing isn't for everybody but it should be.  We would have a much better world if so.  Whether you do it once and never again or find yourself addicted for life, it will be an experience like no other and you won't forget it.


To get started just contact me for an appointment call or email your request to: 386-523-7330 /


Rates are $30 per person per hour.

If waves are considered un-ridable (we are in Florida) a rain check will be accepted for another day.  You are guaranteed to enjoy the session or you do not pay!  My purpose is not so much to make money as to share a joyous experience.  If that doesn't occur then I have failed and I will not expect payment for it.


Individual attention provided during entire session. So you won't be left alone at any time during the lesson. 


Surfing in Florida is not without it's challenges.  If you decide this lifestyle is for you, then you may very likely find yourself booking trips to beaches all over the world.  I have been fortunate to travel to a few of those places during my life and have been well rewarded for my efforts.  There are good waves breaking somewhere on this planet at any given moment without anyone riding them.  That becomes our quest, and I must warn you, it can be consuming if you are not careful.


The slogan "Keep it Real" pretty much speaks for itself.  You'll see what I mean if you let the saltwater fill your veins.

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